In my previous post on technical blogging I discussed one perverse side effect of search engines in technical blogging. Here’s another, that was touched upon but that deserves a post of its own: Search Engine Optimization. This is a more general problem that every content creator on the web was to deal with. I have a friend that works in online poker, a very lucrative field on the Internet at the moment. As I understand, his company’s business model goes roughly like this:

1. Build a website that talks about poker

2. sic their crack¬† SEO team on the said website, and get them to “enhance” the content and game the search engines.

3. Once the website has reached a decent rank in the poker related searches they sell it.

This means that to be successful, they don’t tune their content to please their readers, but only tune it to please the search engines. If I apply this strategy to my blogging, it means I shouldn’t just concentrate on writing interesting posts, but also learn to write posts including lots of keywords in a way that doesn’t somehow estrange my readers and read like a link farm. As I understand, humor doesn’t fare well with search engines, so to start with I should be as prosaic as possible in my titles, and choose my words with care. Of course, ideally I shouldn’t even need search engine traffic, because everybody with an interest should know about this blog and stop by once in a while to check for a fresh post, but I’m not there yet.

So, after all this build up, I would like to wrap this post up with a deep, insightful thought, at least from a search engine’s perspective : mesothelioma treatment options¬† michigan personal injury attorney money sex porn xxx.

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