This morning in the Paris subway I saw a mother with her two girls, and they were all excited. I glanced over to see what the fuss was about, and I saw that it was a letter that one of the girls had received. She had a secret admirer that was declaring his love!
I just the read the first couple of sentences, and what I grasped was that the guy had been dawdling around her not knowing how to speak to her for the whole of the last school year. Finally, half a year later he spilled his guts in a letter.  That takes a high degree of shyness, obsession and perseverance, so hats off to the guy! Lets hope he learns a few lame chat up lines that he can use to surprisingly good effect.
Do you remember the anguish of a highschool crush? Such heady stuff. When I think of open source, I kind of feel the same. Ok, back to work, kids…

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