It seems that every other flex-related post I read these days is about this or that framework and how well it does Inversion Of Control and separates the processes and everything whatever else. To be fair, the only one I’ve tried is Cairngorm, but the impression I get is the following: There’s nothing in there that I can’t do myself without a framework, and with much less headaches about how to fit what I want to do in the framework’s way of thinking.
Flex is already enough of a framwork without lumping another one on top. The one reason that I see would be so that another developer that is also familiar with the same framework can grok the code more easily. But now I see Cairngorm, Swiz, Mate, PureMVC and I know I’m forgetting some, so it seems unrealistic for a developer to know all of them. Furthermore, some of the posts are saying “ok you can do this and this hack” to get out of a mess you wouldn’t be in if you hadn’t used a framework in the first place!
So the trend now seems to be that to make a project one of the key choices you have to make is which framework to use. This unfortunately passes on a more interesting question, at least from my point of view: Is it worth it using a framework for this project? My answer is usually “no”, but you’ve guessed that. Anyone?

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