Pearltrees, the project I’ve spent most of my waking hours on recently, has finally gone live. So what does it do? In a few words, with it you can:
1- Organize the map of your Web.
2- Guide your friends and readers through your Web.
3- Let yourself be guided through the Web

If you’re interested you can find a more detailed explanation here. Technically it has been a very demanding project, and very rewarding also. You can freely look at my own account here . I use it a lot for work, so it makes me look like a hardcore geek, but I plan on developing it to include some non technical stuff. In the meantime if you look around my account you may find some interesting content, so let me know! If you sign up, let me know too, so I can link to you.

We’re thinking of including links to our pearltrees on our business cards, because you are your Web, and I think that pearltrees gives a pretty accurate description of mine. If you read this blog the chances are high that you are in the target audience so take a look!

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