As I develop and compile large projects, I appreciate having a powerful computer. The trouble is, I don’t see the problems that people with lesser computers have with my app. On my computer what can be a minor annoyance due to a momentary overload of the application can bring somebody else’s computer to a grinding halt.

To test my application in these situations I either need another computer or to keep my current one very busy with something else so that it feels just the same. So I wrote this quick tool that I call the Flash Stresser.

The Flash Stresser is a graphical component with as many components as you want moving in random directions. It comes with a default of 5 objects, which won’t make much difference in your application. If you want though set it to 500 or 5000, hit “enter”, and watch your application slow down.

Try it here. View source is enabled. I’ve included a quick something to measure the framerate too. I ripped that off some blog that I can’t find again, so if you know please tell me and I’ll give due credit.

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