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generating todos from code comments in Flex Builder

I was doing some wishful thinking about generating todos from code comments in Flex Builder over at Ted’s Blog and someone helpfully pointed me to someone who has the job for me. Here’s a plugin for Flex builder that does exactly that. Share the love! in French here

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Flash at its best and its worst simultaneously

I’ve just found this website that has the dubious honour of being delicately entrancing and beautifully crafted, and at the same time one of the worst examples of Unnavigatable Flash Crap. It takes a lot from, which I’m a big fan of. At the end of my visit, engrossed in drawing shapes and […]

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silex is sourceforge project of the month!

I haven’t been posting much recently because I’ve busy with Silex. It has been well worth the trouble because Silex is project of the month on Sourceforge! Read all about it here : For those of you new to Silex, it’s a Flash based CMS. I could go on about what makes it so […]

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