I guess this could be called Flexing with a Flasher, part 3. So here are links to parts 1 and 2.

I ended requesting the FLA file from the designer, and I ran into a couple (more) bugs in Flash CS3. I don’t use CS4 yet simply because it’s still not stable enough for me and I don’t need the gadgets, but as I understand the problems are the same.

– SWC library publishing sometimes messes up. Sometimes I export the SWC from Flash, and it’s incomplete. After digging a bit, I found that the catalog file contained in the SWC was corrupted. Instead of seeing elements defined something like this:

<script name=”electromantik/font/ScoreBoard” mod=”1257779217098″ >
<def id=”electromantik.font:ScoreBoard” />
<dep id=”flash.text:Font” type=”i” />
<dep id=”AS3″ type=”n” />

I would find something like this:

<script name=”electromantik/font/ScoreBoard” mod=”1259942368343″ >
So obviously Flex can’t import the element, and fails to compile.

The best fix I found for this, and it doesn’t work 100% of the time, is to get rid of the existing SWC file before publishing.

– More Fonts Fun! When I publish the library myself, the texts aren’t properly spaced. I spoke to the designer about this, and it turns out this is something well known: He has a mac, I have a PC, and because of this It turns out different on my computer. What this means is that only he can publish the production lib, because I don’t have a fix.

– I thought that maybe I could fix some of the spacing issues I was having: Often imported MovieClips take up more space than they should when doing box layouting. I haven’ found how to, even if the elements of the MovieClip are well positioned in Flash, sometimes there is some extra around it.

This is so much stuff I wish I’d never learned. Oh well…

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