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Packaging AIR Native Extensions is Horrible, but this Might Help

I’ve just spent the day learning about AIR Native Extensions. The idea is to build an Iphone app with a Flash Builder interface but using native Iphone audio capabilities. It seems that globally things have been well thought out and executed, but there’s one thing that comes across as amazingly pre-alpha craptastic: packaging your native […]

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amfPHP 2.0.1 is out!

Phew, that was hard! The goods here:

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Looping Audio in Flash

You’d think looping audio in Flash would be trivial, right? think again. There’s enough info on the net to tell you what you need, but it’s a bit dispersed, so here it is condensed. Note that this is about looping audio that is on a server, not embedded in your swf. In that case it […]

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