AMF is a very compact binary format. It is however difficult to parse. AmfPHP on its own does a good job, but it takes time, as it is written in PHP. Baguette AMF is written in C, and therefore enjoys native performance. This means up to 20 times faster conversion times.  This is good for both providing a better experience to your users, and saving on extra servers.

Yes, It’s commercial

The business model around AmfPHP has always been to sell service around the project and keep it free. The problem is, the better the documentation and the code, the less the community needs service. So each time I add to the project I’m asking myself if it’s not hurting my bottom line. So the idea here is to shift away from that approach and towards making money off Baguette AMF, while keeping AmfPHP free.

The pricing model isn’t settled yet, so I’m open to suggestions here.It’s in private beta, and this is one of the points that are up for discussion. Feedback is very welcome!

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