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amfPHP and GraniteDS?

I recently had lunch with the good folks of GraniteDS, which among other things handles AMF for Java. We agree that it would be really cool to do something together. We are seriously considering a small project to start collaborating and test the waters: a website that promotes the AMF format. One other possible overlap [...]

Haxe WWX Conference, what’s next

I was there with my Silex Labs crew who organized it. We had a great time and it was a very positive vibe. Our story on it is here. Haxe right now is at a crossroad. It’s mature enough as a technology to go mainstream, and I think the market is ready for it.  Client [...]

Sommeria Search plugin for amfPHP allows to search Twitter

I’ve created a simple plugin for amfPHP that allows your app to search Twitter easily via amfPHP. The idea is to add more search engines later as needed, and to show this as an example of how easy it is to create plugins that add value to the amfPHP ecosystem. It is branded ‘Sommeria’ rather [...]

Looping Audio in Flash, part 2

this is a follow up post to this one. I’ve continued building on . And I’ve come up with some improvements: make the loop a separate class allow switching from one loop to another seamlessly. fix a bug that what harmless in a browser but that broke the app on an iphone. In certain [...]

Packaging AIR Native Extensions is Horrible, but this Might Help

I’ve just spent the day learning about AIR Native Extensions. The idea is to build an Iphone app with a Flash Builder interface but using native Iphone audio capabilities. It seems that globally things have been well thought out and executed, but there’s one thing that comes across as amazingly pre-alpha craptastic: packaging your native [...]

amfPHP 2.0.1 is out!

Phew, that was hard! The goods here:

Looping Audio in Flash

You’d think looping audio in Flash would be trivial, right? think again. There’s enough info on the net to tell you what you need, but it’s a bit dispersed, so here it is condensed. Note that this is about looping audio that is on a server, not embedded in your swf. In that case it [...]

amfPHP v2 Reloaded is out

the post: the files:

Linked Resources in Flash Builder

When projects relate to each other in Flash Builder, things get messy with paths. Sooner or later you end up with an absolute path in your build configuration, and that means your colleague won’t be able to build on checking out. Relative build paths would be nice, but in the meantime I found a fix [...]

amfPHP v2 Reloaded Release Candidate 1 is out

news at Silex Labs : download at sourceforge: