And now for something completely different. This morning when I was coming out of the subway, an ad caught my eye. It was for some video game, and the way it was sold went something like this: bring yer mates, we’ve got lots of zombies and you can kill them all together.
So this got me thinking: What is so satisfying about killing zombies? Now this is pure speculation, but my theory goes like this: People get to enjoy killing without having to deal with any moral qualms. Zombies are stupid, so you can face 10 at a time with your BFG9000 and still come out on top. Not only that but zombies are a threat to humanity to you’re actually doing the right thing by killing them all!
But consider the zombie’s side of things :  Between lying in your coffin and sooner or later being reintegrated in the food chain and being a zombie, wouldn’t you choose the latter? And maybe they only attack us because they know that if they don’t try to get you you will get them first? I mean, how many times have you, gamer, tried to communicate with a zombie, or simply showing a few peace signs before whacking them. In Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, a zombie is successfully integrated into the police force. This shows that when dealt with properly, zombies can become useful members of society. So gamers, please just try not to kill all the zombies in your way, and maybe we can all be friends.

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