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MXML Or Actionscript?

Ok, you have to write a class for a Flex project, so do you use MXML or Actionscript? What I’ve often seen in Flex projects is MXML everywhere, even when a simple Actionscript class would have done the trick, hence this post. I understand the urge to use MXML, but there are a few caveats […]

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Flash Stresser Tool

As I develop and compile large projects, I appreciate having a powerful computer. The trouble is, I don’t see the problems that people with lesser computers have with my app. On my computer what can be a minor annoyance due to a momentary overload of the application can bring somebody else’s computer to a grinding […]

Pin It is Live!

Pearltrees, the project I’ve spent most of my waking hours on recently, has finally gone live. So what does it do? In a few words, with it you can: 1- Organize the map of your Web. 2- Guide your friends and readers through your Web. 3- Let yourself be guided through the Web If you’re […]

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Team Workflow: Working with a Designer

As a developer, working with a designer can be challenging. It doesn’t mean we can’t interact socially, it’s just that we don’t think at all the same way about a product and how to further it. The designer I currently work with has an artist’s background. His weapon of choice is a paintbrush, and Photoshop […]

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