One of my customers asked me to get an ACE and said he was buying, so I decided to give it a shot. So I got it, it wasn’t that hard. But those questions were terrible. There were something like 3 questions that asked me more or less the same question: do I know the name of the class that manages the updates for an AIR app, and what is the name of its main method. It happens that I guessed my way to the right answer, I think, but really, what is the point? Isn’t there the Internet for that kind of knowledge? Or autocomplete in Flash Builder? Furthermore there were some basic English language mistakes in the text. I’ve heard from colleagues that the French translation is atrocious too.
But, you might ask, those are isolated, right? Most questions require some actual knowledge, don’t they? I’d say about a third of the questions required something else besides learning the API and doc by heart. The other was stuff like the update question above. Another one that struck me was “You have a DataGrid. To add a column, do you use DataColumn, or DataGridColumn?”. Gosh that’s deep.

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