The AmfPHP community has repeatedly asked for a performance boosting PHP extension.

My answer to these requests was to create Baguette AMF.

AMF is a very compact binary format, useful for transferring large amounts of complex data. It is however very demanding for a server. AmfPHP on its own does a good job, but it takes time, as it is written in PHP. Baguette AMF uses C, and therefore enjoys native performance. Install it on your server and enjoy up to 20 times faster conversion times.

It’s been in private beta for a few months, and I haven’t communicated much about it. It’s finally in public beta, so the time has come to get the word out.

Below is a performance chart, comparing server performance with and without Baguette AMF. Notice that for small amounts of data, Baguette AMF doesn’t make much difference. However when transferring large amounts of data, using Baguette AMF can make a huge difference in server performance and response times.

With Baguette AMF you can now enjoy both the low bandwidth of AMF and the server performance you need for your applications.

So please try it out!

Please note that this is a commercial project and therefore not directly associated with Silex Labs.

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